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Building on our family of products in the IncQuery Suite, we offer tailored solutions for the automated digital engineering experience throughout the whole engineering process.

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Our vision

Digital Engineering along the V-model 

Our team of experts can help you navigate the complete lifecycle, from the very beginnings of ideation all the way through to the maintenance phase. Our aim is not to replace your established tools and workflows, but to make them work better for your needs. We expand, automate, optimize, and customize them – forging digital threads that fit your goals.

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Automated quality gates

Adopting well-known static analysis techniques from software engineering, our Automated Quality Gates apply rule-based well-formedness checks against engineering projects in UML, SysML, and AUTOSAR, producing a high-level quality score as well as a detailed validation report.

Automated Quality Gates can be integrated into your engineering processes as part of the review, handover or integration steps, aiding Quality Assurance Engineers, as well as all engineering stakeholders in continuously keeping track of important KPIs.

Handover automation

Our bridges are software solutions that automatically move data, metadata, and documents between engineering tools. Instead of manual data re-entry or copy-paste, handover automation streamlines transitions between various engineering phases, such as requirements-to-architecture design, or architecture-to-detailed design.

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Digital thread analytics

The holistic view of the complete digital thread can be realized based on a knowledge graph representation, which captures a high-fidelity and interconnected perspective of all the data and metadata that is used along your complete toolchain. This way, key stakeholders can quickly view, navigate and query important aspects of the complete digital thread, without having to open several different tools at once.

This can be combined with state-of-the-art data querying and analysis capabilities provided by a multi-database system, so that Systems Engineers and Analysts can create dashboards and reports. These are powered by analytics that can span tool boundaries and combine information from several silos, e.g. to compute compound traceability coverage metrics, perform correctness-completeness-consistency analysis, and discover hidden reusability potential in the digital engineering workflow.

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Adoption Journey

Our solutions, as well as the IncQuery Suite can become part of your ecosystem in various ways.  Our team of engineering professionals can assist you in your adoption journey with consultancy, integration, customization and professional support.

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Plug-ins and standalone Apps

Almost all of IncQuery solutions can be deployed as standalone applications in all major operating systems. In particular, our Desktop product is delivered as a plug-in to CATIA No Magic SysML tools, while Validator and AUTOSAR-UML Bridge come as stand-alone applications with their own GUIs.

Devops Pipeline

IncQuery solutions can seamlessly integrate with DevOps environments, leveraging popular platforms like Jenkins and GitHub Actions through easy-to-use command-line APIs. In particular, IncQuery Validator, the AUTOSAR-UML Bridge, as well as solutions based on IncQuery Integrator can provide automated quality gates and handover automation for the entire team, with reports and derived projects delivered as build artifacts.

On-Prem cloud

IncQuery Cloud is delivered as an on-premise SaaS package, based on Kubernetes clustering technology, with enterprise scalability and OpenID/OAuth-based authentication and authorization.

IncQuery Cloud provides multiple users with web-based holistic views of the complete digital thread, including change management, and its built-in Model Analyzer provides advanced querying and traceability analytics through the integrated JupyterLab deployment.

Subscription Plans

All of our solutions are available in yearly term-based subscription plans:

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License type

Single user

Floating licenses with concurrency limitation

Site licenses without concurrency limitation








Deployment modes

Plug-ins / Standalone apps


DevOps & on-prem cloud

Essential (L1) support
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Premium (L2) support
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Customization and Integration packages
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