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IncQuery Validator is a powerful tool that provides model governance as an integral part of your next-generation MBSE workflow. Model governance establishes rigorous quality criteria and enforces style guidelines that are essential for effective data exchange in engineering workflows. This ensures that models remain consistent and understandable across different teams and organizations, preventing the accumulation of errors that could manifest later in the product lifecycle, potentially leading to costly delays and reworks.

The IncQuery Validator for Enterprise Architect comes in three different tiers, layered on top of each other, from a desktop tool add-on to an enterprise-level, scalable model governance workbench. It can generate rich validation reports including a high-level Quality Score, as well as detailed rule violation breakdowns, that give information on the general context, severity, and impact of each quality issue.

Model governance ensures that your work is:

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Free from common design mistakes, meaning it helps in identifying and correcting errors early in the design process, reducing the risk of costly revisions later.

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Compliant to standards and other regulations, ensuring that models adhere to industry-specific guidelines and legal requirements which are critical for system certification and market acceptance.

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Conformant to established methodologies and best practices, which involves the consistent application of proven modeling techniques and strategies to improve the reliability and quality of the system models. to established methodologies and best practices.

Explore the capabilities of the IncQuery Validator for Enterprise Architect in more depth through our webinar recordings. Learn how the tool significantly enhances model-based systems engineering and eases the life of system engineers and quality managers, by providing automated quality gates, rich validation reports, and a high-level Quality Score, and discover how this tool integrates with your CI/CD pipelines to maintain high-quality standards in complex projects.

The available webinar videos are:

  • Overview: A Tool for Model Quality and Quality Assurance - IncQuery Validator for Enterprise Architect
  • Part 1: Model Validation - Authoring Success
  • Part 2: A Deep Dive into Model Governance

Challenges of MBSE Quality Assurance

Model-based Systems Engineering promotes the concept of a primary artefact being the “single source of truth”. This means that systems design artefacts captured in SysML tools such as Cameo Systems Modeler or Enterprise Architect need to be validated for internal consistency as part of the authoring process, to make sure that they are free of basic errors (such as missing or invalid property values) as well as more complex design mistakes (such as incorrectly applied patterns, circular dependencies, etc).

While authoring tools do provide some quality assurance features (e.g. validation rules), their configuration and execution is hard to standardize across a large team of collaborators, especially as tool capabilities may be significantly different. As a result, quality assurance practice in MBSE projects becomes fragmented and heavily reliant on error-prone and time-consuming manual review processes – which is hardly the best, yet still the most popular way of being ISO26262 compliant.

Consequently, a lot of SysML projects, especially complex ones managed by large organizations along long supply chains, tend to accumulate a lot of undetected or ignored errors. This is a significant risk, as these may manifest in later engineering phases as handover problems that require a lot of back-and-forth communication to resolve. The most severe of such flaws may even remain in the system under design until testing and integration, causing a lot of extra cost and missed deadlines.

Subscription plans


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EA Add-in: Tight integration with Enterprise Architect for efficient workflows

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Blazing fast querying: Up to ten times faster than existing validation possibilities

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Powerful built-in rulesets: Checking methodology conformance along SysMOD and SAIC Digital Engineering principles


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DevOps Pipeline Deployment: Integrated with SQL and Git

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Quality Score Reports: Rich HTML reports that evaluate model quality with actionable insights


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Model Governance: Implement governance at scale to maintain model integrity across large teams

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Integrating reports with workflows: Available in JSON, CSV and Excel formats for easy processing

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Custom rulesets: Create tailored support for your own scenarios via the powerful Ruleset SDK

Key Features


Deep integration with Enterprise Architect

IncQuery Validator helps Systems Engineers to assess key quality-related metrics of their work, including conformance checking with established methodologies and up to ten times faster than using other methods.


Integrated DevOps Deployment

IncQuery Validator supports complex projects through helping teams to collaborate more efficiently, by taking advantage of elastic capabilities of Jenkins or similar platforms. Integrating authoring processes with review and audit tasks, governance automation takes complex digital engineering to a next level.

Automatically Generated Validation Reports

Reports help Systems Engineers and Quality Assurance Experts to assess model quality at a glance, as well as in high-fidelity, without having to open EA. The HTML/PDF reports feature the Quality Score, which takes the number and severity of each rule into account. Detailed rule breakdowns are also provided, allowing you to navigate to the problematic model element with a single click, right inside Enterprise Architect.


Roll Your Own Rules

Modeling Experts can easily fine-tune validation scenarios to the actual needs of any digital engineering endeavor, to perfectly fit in-house methodologies and best practices, using an Eclipse-based Ruleset SDK built for this very purpose.

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