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Producing groundbreaking technology makes our world go round. We are tech enthusiasts, innovation addict software engineers who want to go over and beyond the digital barriers.

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IncQuery Labs was founded in 2012 by members of the Fault-Tolerant Systems Research Group at  Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME).  Our engineering staff is largely composed of alumni from BME's reputable computer science and engineering program.



Over the years, we have maintained our academic relationships and built a strong network with global companies across various industries. Our successful collaborations with companies such as Airbus, BSH, Ericsson, Honda, logi.cals, NASA JPL, Siemens, Thales, ThyssenKrupp, as well as our participation in EU research projects such as OpenCPS and our entry into industrial memberships like AUTOSAR, NI Alliance (both in 2017), OMG, and ISO 9001 (both in 2019), attest to our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Illustration representing the global expansion into multiple industries.Illustration representing the global expansion into multiple industries.
Illustration about shifting the focus onto IncQuery SuiteIllustration about shifting the focus onto IncQuery Suite
Vision for Future


Leveraging our experience with cutting-edge systems engineering tools and methods, we are continuously developing a comprehensive tooling vision for the future of digital engineering. The IncQuery Suite, our flagship family of products, turns that vision into reality.  



In 2021, IncQuery Labs expanded into the IncQuery Group by opening new offices in the US and Austria, strengthening its global presence. Our goal is shifting the digital engineering paradigm, becoming trends-setters in the field and shaping the future of industry through the IncQuery Suite and our expert services.

Illustration representing the global expansion of IncQueryIllustration representing the global expansion of IncQuery
The Management

Meet our team

Wolfgang Gattringer
As a serial entrepreneur, his focus lies on exploring new business areas and scaling up companies. With great passion for business and project development his goal is to turn novel ideas into exploitable, market-oriented solutions which fulfill business goals – all along the innovation line right down to successful implementation.
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Chairman of the executive board
István Ráth
István holds a PhD in software engineering and has profound experience in several industrial domains such as aerospace, automotive and industrial automation. His vision and main drive is to build the best digital engineering tools for the future industry.
Managing Director
Ulrich Lammer
Ulrich has a strong background in Finance, Digitalization and Business Administration for industrial companies as well as in Strategy Consulting. He supports the development strategies within the group with his entrepreneurial, result- and team-oriented mindset.
Photo of Ákos Horváth
Ákos Horváth
Ákos holds a PhD in software engineering and has a strong background in applying model-based technology to industrial problems. He has extensive experience with coordinating complex R&D endeavors with industrial relevance.
Photo of Péter Csaba
Péter Csaba
Péter has a holistic view of scaling up and optimizing operations and development based on more than 15 years of professional experience in business process, strategy, solution sales, operation and product development. He ensures that the non-technical operations are running smoothly, helping our engineers to deliver world-class digital engineering to the market.
Photo of Péter Lunk
Director of Solutions -
Péter Lunk
Péter has extensive experience in the industrial applications of MBSE and SysML across multiple industries, as a consultant and development vendor to major tier 1 manufacturers. An avid user and advocate for SysML and Cameo Systems Modeler with 10+ years of experience in both modeling and integration/plugin development, as well as model verification and validation.
Photo of Ábel Hegedüs
Director of Solutions -
Digital Engineering
Ábel Hegedüs
Beyond his academic involvement and a PhD in software engineering, Ábel is also an expert in development techniques and methodologies, the complex coordination of development teams, and the realization of ambitious software visions - such as the IncQuery Suite.
Photo of Csaba Debreceni
Director of Engineering
Csaba Debreceni
Csaba holds a PhD in software engineering and is an expert in cyber security. He has experience coordinating various industrial and R&D projects in safety-critical domains. As Director of Engineering, he believes in the power of professionalism and innovations within the engineering teams.

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